Juan Huerta Law represents the relatives of those killed in pedestrian, car, bicycle, motorcycle, premises and other vehicle deaths that were the result of negligence or defective products.

The loss of a loved one can be devastating. When a loved one has been killed due in part or wholly to the fault of another, California law provides the surviving relatives and partners with the right to bring a wrongful death claim not only for the financial loss, but for the loss of their relationship as well.

Whether the death was caused by a vehicle accident, medical mistake, pedestrian accident or any other type of negligence or misconduct, damages may be recovered from the responsible individuals, organizations and insurers for the survivor’s loss of love, financial support, comfort, supervision, guidance, support, affection, protection, benefits, assistance, and general society which would have been provided. In some cases, such as those reckless or drunk driving or criminal intent, punitive damages may be recovered as well.

Juan Huerta Law has the knowledge and experience to represent you and your family. We provide sincere, compassionate support to the family while we aggressively pursue accountability and full compensation from those responsible.

Throughout our personal injury practice, we represent clients in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Ventura and all the communities in between. If you need legal assistance, don’t wait.  Please use the form on this page or contact us by phone today.

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