If you don’t understand the basics of wet reckless vs. DUI, you should. If you are stopped while driving and your intoxication level exceeds legal limits, you are in trouble, and you should act quickly to fight the charges. Due to the less severe penalties associated with wet reckless, one good way of legally fighting a DUI arrest is by bringing the DUI charges down to a wet reckless.

Here are some of the best reasons for seeking a wet reckless:

  • No license suspension
  • No license restrictions
  • Less time on probation
  • Reduced fines
  • Shorter jail sentence

Finally and maybe most importantly, if this is a second DUI offense, there will be no additions to the existing sentence.

Wet reckless is not a charge by the arresting officer it is a reduced DUI.  Talk to an experienced attorney if you have been charged with any DUI, the wet reckless defense is a good one in some circumstances.

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